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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
But you are being pessimistic. According to this link more could be saved but BMW choose to make the CRT's comfortable with ample padding. This link also touches on the potential link between the CRT and the F80:
Again, any standard seating will lean more toward comfort and heavy. We are not getting ultralight racing seats nor will we get really expensive seats as the factory standard. You are clearly being overly optimistic.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Furthermore shows the 3 liter TT N54 at ~$11k and the S65 at ~$23k. The S65 is standard in the most basic M3. There should be room to spend significant $$$ on lightweight materials within reasonable end cost. The i3 and i8 also brought potential to share in R&D and production materials for CF parts plus added volume advantages. This could make earlier cost prohibiting constructions within reach for the M3's price point.
Are you kidding? BMW is going to take all of the money saved by using a cheaper engine and turn right around and spend all or even most of that money on other stuff? Their idea is clearly to SAVE money not to keep costs the same. Yes, BMW is making progress on less expensive CF parts, however, the issue is the cost of the raw materials and even in high volumes that cost is not coming down by a significant factor.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Time to be positive and look at possibilities and not be so negative with potentially old limitations. They kept the M5 pretty much the same weight as the 550i without the CRT treatment. Now if they do the same with the M3 vs the 335i and then add the CRT treatment and lighter wheels they are in striking distance of 3300 lbs without doing anything they haven't already done. Then add a few innovations and what do you know? Maybe it's not such a stretch after all.
So the 435i being heavier than the 335i and the F10 M5 being heavier than the E60 M5 (by quite a bit) are reasons to be positive?

We're getting seriously OT here, but mark my words. There is going to be a ton of expensive options for the M3/M4 (seats likely, brakes virtually for sure, and probably others). There will also be special entire versions (CSL, CRT, GTS, whatever they will be called). Said options and models will be both very expensive but will save considerable weight. Without these options there is no way BMW will get sub 3300 lb CURB weight. We're also going to see a big hit on the base price of the M4 and despite the same base engine the M4 is going to cost significantly more than the M3.

If you feel otherwise post your claims and we'll see who is right. I think other than that we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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