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Originally Posted by AlexN View Post
the difference is that 2011 was the last year for the E90.
they really had aggressive rates on the E90's in May-June of 2011 (economy was also hurting much so they had to do something to sell cars).
I was able to lease a 2011 335i (ED) fully loaded (MSRP ~$55k) for $530 tax included

It's a different story now - a new model just coming out, with a lot of hype around it.
If anything, you'll see $10k dealer mark ups at first, so you can't really compare the two
He's absolutely right. Also depends on WHERE you live. When the e90/92 first came out here, dealerships had up to a $25k markup and plenty of people out here don't flinch at paying that just to have have what they want. We can guess and speculate on monthly prices, but it will be up in the air first 6 months +...