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I've been running the numbers and it appears:
Adding 1 point on the residual=$20/month less
Dropping $1k from msrp= $30/month less.
Below is the site I've been using if any of you want to play with the numbers.

Hoping I'll at least get a loyalty discount for having leased my E92 since Oct. 2011
Debating whether to extend my current lease until December when BMW OTHERWISE usually offers the end of the year credit toward the lease. Though I realize the M3/M4 may be MSRP or beyond for a while, based on demand.

Currently paying 889/month with ZERO down and 15k miles/year on a 3 year lease.
That was based on an MSRP of 75,425, but I got the car for around 69k.
Sadly those figures are likely long gone, assuming no discount.

Assuming the same terms and $1k (loyalty estimate/hope) off an estimated $77k msrp. I'm looking at 1,088.58/month. Or $39,1188.78 over the course of 3 years. I didn't calculate sales tax, since our maximum tax in SC is just $300. They get us on yearly registration though.

Of course keep the communication alive regarding upcoming potential and lease quotes any of you get!
Here's the site: