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Originally Posted by jasonn
For some of the prices you guys are quoting, it's definitely cheaper to get a 991. At least back when I got it. Not sure on current Porsche PFS rates.

Originally Posted by barcius13 View Post
Almost always better to buy than lease a car. Banks exist for a reason and it is to realize capital gains. Lease carry more risk to banks than loans so it is expected to cost more than financing. There are finance vs. lease tools all over the internet these days. At the end the decision is not about cost, but about preference:
1) Lease if you know the mileage and you will sell the car at the end and do not want to deal with the hassle of selling the car on your own.
2) Finance if you want to save some $ and/or may keep the car longer and do not mind selling it on your own.
disagree; I'm gonna cut a paste what I posted on another forum:

I used to see these types of debates quite often on e90post. The thing is that everyone's situation is unique, but after arriving to 6speedonline I find that the crowd has less disparity in finances/etc so it is easier to generalize.

These vehicles can definitely be treated as expenses so long as it is a reasonable percentage of your income/revenue. My accountant is classifying my lease as an equipment rental and for my GF's purchased 981, the depreciation will be amortized.

I think the general idea is that you want to offset your income tax as much as possible. If you are paying potentially $100k in income taxes prior to deductions, "equipment rental", depreciating assets, and other such potential deductions will come in handy. If you are paying the tax anyway, why not have a 991 while you are at it? You are either paying the money to the IRS/FTB or to Porsche.

And also let's remember that a 2 year 991 lease is around $25k - $45k pending your model/trim so that's 12.5k to 22.5k a year, which is then 12.5% to 22.5% of the $100k potential income tax. That's a reasonable percentage the accountant can work with. But again, obviously you need the income to support this. I don't think the majority of the e90post crowd understood that part.

The only other thing is that you should make your company/entity a co-buyer. This does affect the insurance. If your entity is mostly a pass through to protect against liability, the insurance becomes tricky as you don't actually have many "employees". The most cost efficient way is to somehow get personal insurance that also covers the company. A full-on commercial policy will likely be extremely expensive comparatively.
Do you mind sharing your porsche deal? Does porsche also do msd on leases? I'm thinking of getting one once my ah3 is up. On that I got a killer deal. Full msd. Euro delivery. Taxes in payment. 399 a month on a 64k msrp