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Originally Posted by burrito007 View Post
direct injection allows for higher compression ratios - its not THAT much lower. s54 was 11.5 to 1 n55 is 10.2 to 1. its not 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 like you would see in turbo subarus.

also - s54 longevity was never an issue. people beat the CRAP out of it (the turbo ones) and rarely had a problem.

all im saying is BMW made the S54 in 1999/2000. and HPF hacked together a turbo in mid 2000s. BMW couldn't pull off a better engine?

don't get me wrong the S54 is going to be cool. but it just leaves you wondering what they could have done if they werent trying to make a good car/engine and weren't just looking for ways to cut costs and ///Marketing

by ///Marketing i mean that they couldn't have the M3 out-perform the M5.
All very good points. Just like Porsche holding the cayman back..wouldn't want to tread on big brother turf.
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