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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I do not say this as a fact, but I am very sure of this.

Before starting, leave the 1M aside. It came very late, that is why it can be said to be better than an M3, but remember two other M3 are coming: the M3 EVO E90 and the M3 CSL E92. These will be alot faster and lighter also. We can talk about this again when and if there comes a 1M CSL.
To finish about this 1M vs. M3, they are very close because one has a NA 4.0l V8 and the other has a FI 3.0l I6, this is called downsizing. The next M2 F22 vs. M3 F32 fight will be very different, one will have two cylinders less and will be lighter and thus more fun, but the other will be faster in all cases: just look at 911 vs Cayman: The Cayman is fun, but the 911 is just unbeatable. And to put a 911 engine into a Cayman, or an M3 engine into an M2 will just never be done. By the way the next Cayman get a FI Flat4 just as the M2 F22 get a FI Inline4. And yes the M2 F22 will be very light.

All this to say that the M3 was the benchmark, and maybe still is, of the most affordable true sportscar, or least the closest thing to a sportscar yet being practical and drivable on daily use. However the demand for more comfort increased its wieght, even the M3 E46 was not that light (1570 kg [DIN]), and thus worsend its performance.
But remember on thing: the M3 has alot of rivals now, as all other brands try to dethrone it, and maybe without your know the M3 is dethroned by the GT-R. Probably it is less fun to drive, but wheather you want is or not, is is alot faster, even a supercharged M3 E9X does not reach it.
That is why BMW M will focus on the thing with two different cars: the M2 F22 for "fun", and the M3 F32 for high performance.

And this is why the M3 F32 will get a 90 3.3l Twin- or Tripple Turbo V6. Just remember the last Nissan Skyline R34 had an I6, and now it went over to V6. Remember the M3 E46 was a car of a perfect middle, not to small, not to big, no I4, but also no V8, not to heavy (compared to RS4 and C AMG), but enough comfortable. With the groth of cars in general, this is now divided into to extremeties and will continue so with the 2 Series/M2 F22 and 3 Series/M3 F32.

Now the question is how to make the M3 F32 better than ever? And there is only one onswer: LIGHTER. The M3 has everything: power, balance, comfort, beauty, style, identity and also wieght, that would be nice to get reed off.
That is why a V6 is the best solution. Do you remember the first rumours of M3 V6 one year ago or more? This was for nothing, it was to prepare you, because BMW knew, they would not have any choice, and this is what they when build the N63: the knew it would take place in a 5 Series and they knew the would come an M5, and they also knew after that would come an M3.
An I6 is better than a V6, but not in the case of the M3 F32. The V6 will be the lightest engine choice and also the most compact. This will allow to move the engine even more back and have an even better balance. The V6 base is a better engine than the I6 base to keep the high revs, and due to shorter stroke. BMW M does have alot of experience in building turbo engines here one example:

Exhibit: BMW Formula 1 racing engine M12/13
Production dates: 1981 - 1985
Engine: inline, turbocharged
Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1,499 cc
Bore x stroke: 89.2 x 60 mm
Torque: 450 Nm at 8,500 rpm
Power output: 463 - 581 kW at 11,000 rpm (depending on boost pressure)

I believe and have confidence they will put all this into practise. The M3's enemy number one is the GT-R.

These are the approximate (very positive) figures:

M2 F22
2.0l Twin-Turbo I4
340 PS
450 Nm
7.600 RPM Redline
1300 kg [DIN]

M3 F32
3.3l Tripple-Turbo V6 90
480 PS
550 Nm
8.000 RPM Redline
1500 kg [DIN]

Now wait and see!
wow, I love all this BS floating around, and I'll leave it just at that. No one knows yet. Lets just wait and see what the M division comes up with instead up talking out of our ass.