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Originally Posted by pyrat View Post
I disagree that GTR and M3 compete, hell the GTR starts at 90K!

I would agree that BMW would love to out perform the GTR with the M3 and the V6 is a way to do that if coupled with a lightweight body, but GTR and M3 are in totally different buyers leagues.
Agree here. Some cross shop the GT-R and the M3 but the GT-Rs number one and two competitors (number one by Nissans own claims - "WE WILL BEAT PORSCHE") are the 911 TT and Z06. All essentially 2 seaters, and all in a entire bracket about the M3 in terms of outright performance.

Also: Levi: Good post ^ but I think you, just like the rest of us have nothing but speculation to support your guess. As far as performance goes there is nothing inherently better about a V6. Again the new 3er which will be the basis for the M3, has plenty of room for any engine BMW will use, turbo I4 in the regular 3er, I6 or V6.

I don't see the relevance of all of the discussion about Skylines, E46 M3 and M2...

I strongly believe that the factors BMW are trying to balance are simply cost vs. perceived innovation. Ultimately the cheaper engine will most likely be the one that goes in. I know this does not sit well with us M enthusiasts, but I'm pretty sure this will be the most important factor.

Also do you have any empirical evidence that for a given displacement a V6 is lighter than an I6? I have some evidence. The BMW 3.0l N54 I6 TT (aluminum block of course) weighs in at 429 lb. The 3.5l V6 Ford Ecoboost (also aluminum block/heads, TT) weighs in at 417 lb. I know not entirely apples to apples but the Ecoboost is a pretty nice engine, DI, TT, etc. Maybe if it was only a 3.0l it would weigh in the 400lb range. Do you think BMW will choose a V configuration over an I configuration just to save 10-30 lb? Maybe they will, maybe they can make a sub 400 lb 3.3l V6. Either way the weight of the new M3, will be more dependent on base 3er weight than whatever engine they choose and we already know the new car is about the same size as the existing car but wider and with a longer wheelbase. This is why I am watching the rumor mill on the new 3er so heavily!
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