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Originally Posted by puma1552 View Post
Handling IS skidpad and lap times, regardless of how the car feels as you're doing it. Either the car can get around the corners fast enough, or it can't - everything else is irrelevant IMO.
You are so wrong that if you knew what you were talking about you would be embarrassed to type what you did.. Skidpad and the Slalom are actually very controversial ways to test a car's handling. The slalom is controversial because which version the slalom do you do? The 310ft or the 600ft? The 600ft's result is always effected by power while a 300ft slalom gives advantage to light copact cars like a Miata. The Skidpad's numbers are rubbish as they are tire bias. So you can have a car with great suspension but was sent with optional (no cost) all season tires lose to another car with mediocre suspension but super stick summers tires.

Track times can matter but they are subjective too. For example do an Autocross in a Corvette ZR1 (arguably one of the best handling corvettes made) and watch as a kid in a Ford Fiesta ST laps you. There was topgear episode where a Mercedies AMG defeated a Masarati Gran Turismo on their track all because the AMG just powered through the track. It had nothing to do with Handling as the Masarati was superior there but AMG had so much power that it could make up for its chassis's short coming with torque and horsepower.

Another great example of a car that if it had a lesser engine its laps times would be god awful.. The Mustang GT500. That car has the handling of a brick and its track times show.