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Originally Posted by Poiseuille View Post
in my view, and in expectation of some sort of discount, it's ok to buy a car with MINOR damage history if and only if complete documentation is available including parts list, paint list, final cost, mileage at the time of repair and who did it. you have to see the paper work, verbal descriptions are worth nothing.

for anyone unfortunate enough to require damage repair on their own car: get and retain copies (and/or pictures) of everything including estimates, parts and labor lists, receipts and insurance checks. before any work is done TAKE MANY PICTURES, but carefully framed pictures in decent light, both close up and wide angle. if airbags didn't deploy, take pictures of that. take pictures during repair if that helps to clarify the situation. ignore the annoyed expressions on body shop personnel as you do all this.
just as importantly, have a plan to remember where you put all this stuff. when the time comes to sell your wallet will thank you.
I asked them for all the documents/pictures but BMW said they are unable to provide that as all they do before buying a vehicle is put the VIN into their system, inspect it and purchase/don't purchase it. The car was also under warranty, was serviced at BMW everytime and even for the damage. The warranty is a bumper to bumper so it would fix everything. They said if it didn't pass inspection they wouldn't sell it for retail but at an auction instead.

Also, thank you for your advice! I've done that for my 2017 mustang and it is a good practice to continue.
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