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Confused at the misfire counter

I was having a poke around all the parameters you can view with the OBDLink MX+ and their app, and came across the misfire counter. To my surprise, 5/6 cylinders were registering 2 misfires in the current/previous session, with cylinder 6 showing 0. The weighted (average?) counter for last 10 drive cycles showed 5-6 misfires on each cylinder.

Is this normal? I do have Alex@Alpine Stage 2+ for stock downpipes and GTS burbles. Car has 16,800 miles on it. Do these cars intentionally misfire a cylinder when you left off after hard acceleration to make that bang sound?

The counters were viewed after driving for the day.

Edit, checked 3 other forced induction cars and they all showed a couple misfires on cylinders too.
2018 F80 M3 ZCP

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