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Arrow First Video of 2013 BMW M3 (F80) On and Around Nurburgring in Performance Testing!

First Video of 2013 BMW M3 (F80) On and Around Nurburgring in Performance Testing!

Some weeeks ago we brought bring you the very first video of the 2013 BMW M3 sedan internally dubbed F80. We've now posted the first footage of F80 M3 prototypes on and around the Nurburgring and conducting high speed performance runs!

As you'd expect from an M3, the F80 prototype looks very planted and stable while being pushed around the Nurburgring. The video provides the best listen yet at the F80's engine/exhaust noise. And although we can tell with certainty that it's powered by a 6 cylinder engine (to be turbocharged), it's difficult to discern whether the engine is an inline or V configuration. BMW M CEO Dr. Nitschke recently stated that they wouldn't do a V6, but we've also been tipped otherwise. Keep in mind that the sounds you are hearing from the prototype are obviously not final. It's possible that little to no sound tuning has yet taken place.

The number and type of turbos to be used is also a topic of much speculation. Two or three turbos is likely, and could potentially include the use of electric turbo(s).

Regardless of what engine layout is eventually chosen, expect the next M3's power output to increase to roughly 450hp while having its weight reduced. Both DCT and manual transmission will be available.

Latest rumors suggest that BMW may possibly show the F80 M3 sedan as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012 with the car hitting (European) showroom floors in Autumn 2012. This would be a very ambitious rollout schedule and at this point we're more inclined to believe a market launch sometime in 2013, however.

Stay tuned for more information on the F80 M3 sedan and keep track of our ongoing coverage: