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Originally Posted by Krazy3281 View Post
So every M3 except the E9X m3 is a complete fail?

If you didn't know the E9X m3 was the only M3 to have a "unique M division R&D" engine. Which really was really a variant of the only "true M" engine the S85(v10 in last M5. All other M3's had a modified/upgraded/variant of a standard BMW engine:

E46 M3: S54 engine based on M54 engine in 330's
E36 M3: S50 engine based on M50 engine found in 325's
E30 M3: S14 engine based on M10 and M88 engines found in lots of older Bmw's

Regardless, it's worked very well in the past, it will work again.
The S54 was never based on the M54. The S54 was improved from the S52, which was the engine used by the E36 M3 in Europe. The S52/S54 engine were bespoke M engines with no relation to the M series engines used on series cars from what i know.
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