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Thurman Murch

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Maybe w/i a year or when the F3x LCI comes around... I thought there were many articles on how BMW was going to spread its model lineup to be more competitive w/ Audi then have black series fighters to battle with MB

I bet there will be a comp package - not sure if this will have the special color or it will be available from the get go... I hope it is some type of dark blue like azurite or something

Also, I bet there will be a more hardcore version coming out so the standard model will have 415 the comp package like 430 and then a track/perf pack something closer to 475. I know the X4M will have an uprated S55 so maybe see this motor in the perf pack

I thought the plan was to further develop M into a sub brand just like I... so the F8x separate chassis designation was the beginning of that divergence

So it maybe worthwhile to wait it out