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Originally Posted by Money2536 View Post
How am I confused? You said the E92 wheels fit so definitively and that there were a few spy photos showing this. You posted a photo that has front 220M wheels on an F82 (which I've already seen). If the rear fit, why wouldn't they have put them on the car as well. I'm saying we don't know the offsets and that they may not fit. Maybe our definition of fitting is different. In my opinion, the need to run a 35mm spacer means the wheel doesn't fit.

Also, maybe you should stop acting so high and mighty and insulting other posters. I've been on this forum for 4 years. It doesn't make you better than me that you make 100 posts a day.
He has personal issues. He is one of those people who have to always insult others to feel good. Just ignore him.