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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
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For me it's Dinan or stock. I'm not putting some $500 POS on my $75k car - and wiping out the warranty at the same time.
Just to be ultra clear: Dinan provides a 2nd back-up "warranty" should your BMW warranty claim be denied due to the Dinan mod. Dinan has nothing to do with BMW, and there's no agreement between them regarding your BMW warranty.

That is, Dinan is no safer of a warranty mod than any other mod and, if you lease, you'd be in violation of your lease contract as well.

Dinan is simply providing repair insurance should BMW deny a warranty claim DUE TO THE DINAN MOD but for nothing else.

I believe it's false to even use the word "warranty" with Dinan. It's a repair insurance policy with very strict eligibility and benefits that has nothing to do with the BMW warranty.
Not to mention, Dinan's creditworthiness is significantly lower than BMW's. I have no idea why people are willing to transfer third party risk from BMW, a multibillion dollar, multinational corporation, to Dinan, a company nobody outside of the car enthusiast community has ever heard of, without thought. I'm not convinced Dinan would be able to pay out a significant number of warranty claims if they cause a systematic failure of a large number of vehicles.