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Originally Posted by Ibiza View Post
@scott13 what is your mileage and what type of extended warranty are you looking at, as I have the wholesale pricing sheets? Please post.

jjrandorin nice to see you over here!! Your points are straight on!

Unless your going to order and lease a new vehicle at the end of the lease term, then initial purchasing/financing is the route to go. As there is more profit for the dealership to be made on the used car vs new vehicle. The CPO program has been gutted by BMW NA, what's the point of going through the dealership, only to lower the buyout. Unless your M3 is way under millage, the residual from BMW FS is higher than the auction price. Remember, inflated residuals lowers the monthly payments, which moves vehicles out the doors and BMWFS has been taking upwards of $2,000 per vehicle hit at lease end because of unrealistic residuals.
Sweet. That'd be great if you could post or PM wholesale numbers to me. Hell, even LIST prices would be helpful just to get perspective.

Current mileage is ~36,000. I was looking at the BMW Gold or maybe Platinum 6 year/75,000 mile Extended Service Contract.