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Originally Posted by eau_rouge View Post
This is not really relevant for both parties - not the commuters and especially not the "road-trip" guys.

Commuter: has an average of, lets say 40 miles per day. Can charge his car every night at home or at the office, so it does not make sense for him that he can charge in 3 minutes

Road-Trip or Business trip: has an average of 300 miles and has to stop to "fill up". You need one minute at a gas station and still a lot of time even with this new "method". 3 minutes for 100km is nothing. It still needs around 15 minutes to charge it for like 300 miles.

Where is the benefit? If you are traveling for 100 miles with an electric vehicle, I am pretty sure it's already fully loaded. And for a longer road-trip you have to charge up for 20 minutes during the stop anyway.
While I see your point, its still not always true. Its like if your iphone can charge in only 15 minutes, why have a version that can charge in 3 minutes because it takes 15 minutes to cook an omelette. The cars charged here are not charged to full in 3 minutes they are just getting 100 km. To get the full capacity of say 400 km, it will take maybe 10 minutes, sure you may often only need 100 miles to get to your destination. But that destination may not have a charger, you may take another route when returning home, so if it can charge faster (and it doesnt hurt battery longevity) then it is worth exploring.

I hate all the snobs (not referring to the post i am replying to) who act like people concerned with charging are wimps that need to suck it up. Spare us your stories of how brave you are. EVs arent for everyone, and the versions available right now definitely arent for everyone.
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