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i told them that my idrive was freezing from to time. the only way to unfreeze it was to turn the car off/on. of course they couldn't duplicate the issue, but they updated my idrive from nbtevo_j --> nbtevo_p.

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Did they just go ahead and update you just by asking or did you have to have a complaint about something in order to cajole them into it?
Ah, yes, will play that card and see what I can get. Thx!
Update - had the vehicle at the dealer today and they did a software update to Q version. Don't have access just yet to post the full details of the version details, just know that it was updated to Q.

My wife started to explain that she was having trouble with idrive and the SA jumped right in before she could finish and asked if we were getting a black screen which wouldn't go away until a restart - she was a bit surprised but said yes, yes, we were experiencing that! To which the SA said they've seen that before and they'll update the software which should fix it!

So now need to ask the widescreen hackers if they're fully open past P or if their solutions only go as far as Q.