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Originally Posted by TheBreeze View Post
Figured I'd give folks an update now that it's been 6 weeks. I'm very happy with the PSS10 and Ground Control setup. The car appears to have settled a touch lower, stance is perfect for my taste. I do have to be careful on some driveways and have to take some of them on an angle, but speed bumps and such haven't posed a problem. Car feels really tight, is still comfortable around town, and NVH is manageable. Now that it's broken in, I'm currently using setting 4 on the front and 3 on the rear. It's definitely stiffer than the factory non-EDC suspension, but still comfortable the vast majority of the time.

That said, hitting even shallow pot holes or uneven expansion at speeds above 30 is extremely harsh and jarring. If the roads are bad where you live, you may want to think twice before going to a system like this. I'm sure the Ground Control plates contribute to the problem, as does having the front coilovers all the way down. YMMV.

NVH is increased, but it''s very dependent on the road surface. Smooth blacktop is very quiet. Abrasive surfaces and rain-grooved concrete transfers quite a bit of tire noise. It's not like these roads were quiet on the stock suspensions either, but it's definitely more pronounced with the coilovers/camber plates installed.

I won't hit the track until next spring, so I'll add comments on track performance then.
Thanks for the update.

The fact that it feels harsh and jarring at city speeds even at your soft settings (out of the 10 clicks available) is no bueno.

I live in a shithole full of potholes so I for sure don't want it any stiffer than it is now on non-EDC dampers and stock 18's. I find it great at higher speeds, but around town, it is stiff and bouncy enough for me.