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I've been running PSS10 coilovers for about 3 yrs and 22K+ miles now. I think the harshness you are experiencing is because the car is WAY too low. You need raise the car up to let the suspension do it's job. Increasing damping to stiffer may help as it will keep the suspension off the bump stops a bit more, but the reality is, with so little suspension travel up front, ain't no amt of damping adjustments that will really fix the issue.

My car was lowered modestly - still a good 2 finger gap up front and 1 finger gap in rear. This makes the car look massively better than stock but does not look slammed. With this ride height and dampers set at 4 front and 5 rear, I thought the car rode extremely well - better than stock in virtually all situations and eons better than when I had the KW HAS springs on stock dampers.

Now, with just 22K miles on the coilovers, I do feel that the damping is pretty worn and the suspension is feeling more harsh than I like as it is blowing through the suspension travel and bottoming out more and rebound damping is not as strong as when newer. Still feels better than KW HAS on stock shocks, but not as good as when I first installed the PSS10s.

If you really want to improve ride quality AND reduce the tire gap, go up 10mm front and rear in tire size. I'm running 265/35/19 F and 285/35/19 R. I have tires set at 32 PSI all around. This nicely closes the wheel well gap while also noticeably increasing traction and improving ride quality.

Personally, I don't know how people drive around with little or no front end gap AND run real carbon fiber front lips. I can only imagine how crappy the ride quality is with like .5" of suspension travel, no matter what coilover or spring set up people have. But, I guess some people just prioritize looks over handling and ride quality.