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Exclamation Resale Value in the UAE

Dear UAE people...

I wanted to start a new thread for this to inform you that any M3 and M4 are one of the most cars with depreciating prices in the market! I was shocked and anyone who wants to argue over this either he made a deal and lost tons of money, or he doesnt understand how much money he spent from the first place and try to convince himself that his trade in was successful.

anyhow after deep and long research I conclude the follow:

Any new M4 wither 16-17 or even 18 will loose between 22% and 37% of its total value in the 1st year! so enough said if your car is more than 1 years old expect that it loose more than 37%. So if you Trade your car u will loose almost 40 to 50% on the clock!

Its a huge scam and Next week I have a serious meeting with the head of sales to discuss this issue! Again do not get drowned with any offer either Ramadan or whatever, they increase the price of the car before the offer and give us discount and after the offer the prices will never go up again!

If you need any clarifications please PM and I will be happy to advice!