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Originally Posted by Hoosiers View Post
So essentially, the head of M is ruining M. The current M5 and M6 are widely viewed as failures by the automotive press, and I can speak to that with regards to the former. The only decent real driver's car was the 1M, and it was born IN SPITE of the head of M, not because. Is he still at M? If so, the next M3 will take the path of the M5 and M6.
Always forgotten is the timeline.

The 1M Coupe was developed under Dr. Kay Segler who also commenced work on the BMW M3 and BMW M4 and F15 X5M.
New current M chief is responsible for the completion of the new M6 Gran Coupe the M3 and M4 aswell as the Competition Pack for the M5 , but also Has started work on the X6M , M2 and X4M and another M Project.
The current M5 and M6 were developed by the current BMW US CEO Ludwig Willisch and completed under Dr. Kay Segler.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...
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