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I have done a little research on this, but i haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm looking at it for the exact same reason, just to cool IATs and keep the car from pulling timing on the road course as it does even on the CS tune while i'm running 93. On meth tunes there is meth dependent and non-meth dependent, the non-meth dependent is where i will run a STG1 91 BM3 tune on 93 octane and just spray a little water meth to lower the IAT and keep it from dropping timing. A meth-dependent tune has to have the meth running or it can cause engine failure. Eventually i'm sure i will run the 93 stg2 tune with some meth...

The setup i'm looking at is a Snow 2.5 stainless kit with the BMS 3 gallon trunk floor tank. Then run 1 CM5 nozzle in each charge pipe. You can get a macht schnell boost reference and tie this into the snow controller then it will start spraying at say 8psi and full at say 15psi, or if thats too much then have it start at 8psi and full at 35psi, that way at 22psi its not really 100%. This part will take some looking at logs and playing around.

By doing this i won't be adding much power if any, but i won't be losing much either from the beginning to the end of a session.

I looked at some of the GTS drawings and it has 4 water injectors on the intake side right before the charge cooler, but if we do that in the J pipe the distribution isn't as good.
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