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Originally Posted by chewbakam4 View Post
Its so amazing when roll racing! You need to be careful with traction as torque hits instantly! It really surprised me. I think they set it up for 18psi on the OTS map. I canít even imagine what its like if you turn it up to 25-30psi or higher if you go custom tune and on ethanol. Havenít tried launch control with it yet but I have no room on the street for it in my area these days. Too dangerous. When you engage it you really hear the motor and turbo doing its stuff to make this happen and I love turbo sounds haha
I cant wait to get after it this weekend! I spoke with PTF and using the anti-lag isnt an option from a standstill. Its legitatemly only a rolling anti-lag not a 2-step kit like I originally thought. But this may be able to be changed by a tuner or if they allow it in an update.
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