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Originally Posted by horsepower_and_hounds View Post
As jimmy stated works. I personally just do single gear pulls. Also make sure your car is a full operating temp or you will get knock

Do either 3rd gear or 4th gear which ever you have balls for. 4th tends to slip tires less and puts heavy load on engine

4th manual mode, sport plus, TC completely off, roll along at 2k rpm, hit log then pedal to the floor and dont let up until at least 6k rpm. Then read log
Yep, I forgot to mention Sport + and DSC fully off (hold 5 sec). Drive around until engine oil, coolant and trans oil are up to temperature.

Many guys have no probs running Stage 2 on 91 fuel.

Just in case...(not!)
Never use octane booster, it coats your engine in orange dust. Bad for o2 sensors long term.
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