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Originally Posted by titan7 View Post
So my wife’s 2018 M4 lease is up on 3/24, I took it to CarMax and they offered more than the residual which is good, then did the KBB sell your car thing and got offered quite a bit more which is better. So are there any issues with BMW not selling to the 3rd party dealer? The dealer who is most interested is a local Nissan dealer, odd right? They are telling me to come I tomorrow they want to inspect the car. If in the condition I told them, they will call BMW FS get my residual amount, send them a check and once they get title they will issue a check to me for the between the residual and what they buy the car for. Sounds too easy, lol. Anybody here do this
I don't see an issue. You can do the same with Vroom, etc. Only thing I'd keep an eye for is them trying to sell you a Nissan as part of the deal. With other services like Vroom as least you know they are just cutting you a check and driving away.

I am surprised you are being offered more so I assume you must have very low miles? On my 2016 F80 that I ended up buying out, I had 48k miles and the values were not in my favor to pull off what you are doing.
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