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Originally Posted by brianeck View Post
The interior has a ton of parts taken from Chrysler, which a few people have mentioned. Its the same Uconnect/touchscreen nav setup as in my dad's new 14' cherokee summit. In fact, a lot of the parts in the car are similar. It's not "super tacky" but it definitely doesn't have the fit and finish of its true maserati brethren.
Wow you are right. We have a '14 Grand Cherokee Overland Ecodiesel. The start stop button in the Ghibili is the same, the "comfort access" is also the same. Even the horn sounds exactly the same! All that being said, I love our Jeep with it's Italian engine, German chassis and German transmission. If the Ghibili is as good as our Jeep it's probably pretty good, but I wouldn't cross shop it against an M3. I think it's aimed at E Class and 5 Series buyers.

BTW, the U Connect Touchscreen system in our Jeep is light years better than the cumbersome, slow iDrive in my BMW.