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Let me give this a shot ~ I could be wrong but you may have issues with electronic traction control running 275/30/19 & 295/30/19 combo (Its the front aspect ratio of 30 may give you issues). Put the combo in the aspect calculator and see what ratio it gives you. I think running anything more than 2% deviation is asking for alot of issues.

I personally would be more concerned with the front as there is less room to work with there. I would assume you would need a narrow linear set of coilovers + some camber to clear the front, but what is going for you is the 30 aspect and not the 35 recommended. The fact that the rears will be a bit more "stretched" than "meaty" is also working for you.

As for the rears, its pretty aggressive but as long as you dont lower it too much, you should barely be able to get away with it. You will rub occasional during compression and quite possibly damage your fender if you are too low (too low= anything lower than factory height with those sizes lol). If you havnt done so already, I would lean towards a stiffer spring rate if possible. Just to throw in another curveball, depending on which tire brand/type of tire, even within the same tire brand, the sizes ARE different. For example, not all "275/30/19" are created equal, and some will fit no problem while others will have major issues.

Originally Posted by Mmvic View Post
Help needed please!!! New to the forums, just purchased first m3. I also purchased a set of wheels on ebay thinking I got a great deal and unique perfect fitting wheels... after snooping around on here I'm starting to question my purchase and would like some ogs to shine some light possibly.

1) wheels advertised as demo set with less then 50 miles. I came across some old threads for 2015 about these wheels I think. 'Jason's m3 adv1 adv.6 time.for something different'.

2) regardless of history, will these fit? I dont see anyone with 12 in rear ??

I might just be getting paranoid waiting for the wheels to be installed but just figured I'd pick everyones brain, thanks.