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Originally Posted by kevinlevrone View Post
Give me more power and torque and I don't care what engine it is.

The e92 M3 is just underpowered in daily driving (and on tight tracks) due to the lower torque. I drove an e92 M3 and while everything was perfect in terms of suspension and steering, the engine was a letdown for me (I have a tuned 335i). Also, the V8 M3 engine doesn't sound especially good, it is rather dull, faint and uncharacteristic to a V8 sound. Listen to an AMG or Porsche engine, even a V6 or an inline 6, and they sound awesome. Why can't BMW do this ?

The new M3 engine will fix this, and I think that it may even sound better, from the spy videos. It will even have a "close to 8000RPM redline" as I read lately. I will speculate a 7800RPM redline.

Sorry, but there is nothing in the S65 V8 engine that impresses me.

You need to put down the crack pipe...

Everything you said is utter hog wash. Also, when you take into account the E9Xs torque multiplication due to its gearing it is inline with its torque output with a lot of its lower revving brethren. There isn't one lazy gear in a E9X M3...I have driven plenty of 335s and yes the low end torque is nice but not near in terms of visceral feel, sound and performance. As far as Porsche, I owned a 997S and it sounded like ass until I added AWE 200 cpi cats and Borla cans along with the X51 exhaust manifolds. A E9X M3 sounds light years ahead better than the H6 in the base and S anyday of the week, now a GT3 is a different the GT3, a $130K car.

I for one realize the direction of the new S55 powerplant but I have to say I am dismayed quite a bit. The S65 is the last real BMW M powerplant, end of story. The engine blocks were one offs for the M division while the new S55 powerplant is derived from the N55, basically its a souped up 335i motor.

I really hope I am wrong, I want the new powerplant to wow me...