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Originally Posted by ASAP
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I hope you guys are just joking

Air to water cooler is a much more efficient way of cooling the charge air than a air to air intercooler.

The cooling capability of water is much higher than air (hence why we also have very few air cooled engines left...). The S55 has a separate water system that has a radiator mounted in the front, electric water pumps that circulate water from the cooler and through the chargecooler, then back to the radiator to cool down the water again.

Does the water in the intercooler system for the M5 really boil? Have never heard any M5 owner report that over on the M5 Boards...

What would be the benefit of a air to air cooler?
-Longer tubing = lag
-Lower cooling capacity than air to water

If using air as a cooling medium was better than water, I'm sure we would see a lot of air cooled engines...

Water cooling adds weight and needs more associated ancilliaries than a air to air intercooler, that's why early turbo cars had simple air to air intercoolers.
Even without getting into any sort of pros and cons... what kind of IC does a 911 turbo / GTR run? Pretty much the 2 best turbo cars on this planet.
Bugatti Veyron uses air to liquid intercoolers...

So does McLaren in their cars...

It will be interesting to see how efficient BMW has managed to deal with heat soak and track driving, but if they can cope with that, air to liquid is the best way to cool the charge air