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Originally Posted by ASAP
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Bugatti Veyron uses air to liquid intercoolers...

It will be interesting to see how efficient BMW has managed to deal with heat soak and track driving, but if they can cope with that, air to liquid is the best way to cool the charge air
A Bugatti Veyron, nor an M5 are track lap cars. The only convincing arguement that I would believe would be for the Mp4 but engine placement and size of the car there alone makes the liquid to air argument obvious.
Not quite sure what you mean by engine placement making it obvious for the 12C and not for the 911? Both have their engines in the aft part of the car. If air to air was that much better, I'm sure McLaren could have found a way for some air ducts/intakes to cool the intercoolers?

Heat soak is the main issue that air to liquid cooling has to deal with. Control that and it's the more efficient cooling medium.

One way is to use the cooling capabilities of the AC, as a way to cool the radiator and avoid heat soak... Not sure BMW has done this though.