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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Interresting to note that the less "performance oriented" models from BMW use air-to-air intercoolers...

It is a question of specific heat properties of fluids. Water can store 3300 times the quantity of energy for one degree of temperature elevation by volume compared to air. You need a lot of "air heat" to heat soak a water system...
I agree with you here but I'd like to know how much of that capacity is used up just by sitting still or warming up at the track and at what rate the heat is 'bled off' when driving full bore at a given MPH.

Hope that makes sense. An air to air intercooler heat soaks easily but also gets rid of heat soak quickly. A water to air intercooler does not heat soak easily but nor does it shed heat as easily. Let's identify the rates.