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Originally Posted by vstM3 View Post
Nobody needs this car, all of us who have it want it! You waited a year, now one more for the Comp package, the extra 20hp or so? Please help us understand your reasoning :
Oh, really? Nobody needs this car? Have you surveyed everybody?

Some people need this car and they can't wait. Their needs are such that only a luxury GT sedan will suffice and they are dead set on the M3. For example, one of my friends needed a luxury GT sedan with balls after he had a kid. And you couldmt talk him out of the new M3. He couldn't wait for the competition package. Those were his circumstances.

As far as reasoning behind the competition package, it's actually very simple. The competition package in each generation of the M3 offered something that I liked. Something that was unavailable on the standard version.

For example, the e46 ZCP had a vastly improved steering ratio. This alone was worth buying a ZCP to me. I also loved the wheels. Everything else in that ZCP package I could live without.

On the e90 ZCP, the car was slightly lower. Just the right amount.

Now, you could argue all day long that you could retrofit all these upgrades. And that's true. But not everyone wants to retrofit stuff. Some people prefer it ready from the factory. Point is, you can give me a million reasons not to wait for the competition package. And I could give you a million reasons why it's worth the wait for me.

Plus, I'm still very much enjoying my e46 M3 daily. The longer I can delay the purchase of an F80 M3, the better I feel