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Yea i feel in nyc more drivers are just doing it for the money, i had my car in the shop couple weeks ago. After being up at 7am to go to class and then straight to work and get back to my neighborhood around 11pm...i just want to go straight home in peace and quiet. Its already bad enought i had to take shitty subway commute...but this driver maybe around 27 picks me up blasting spanish urban music and then picks up a younger college girl aswell and starts hitting on her the whole ride and tells her to sit in the front with him and bunch of stuff...unprofessional to say the least.

My dad started off leasing at first but then realized for that much money he could just get a brand new his last brand new car was an 01' honda crv and sold it at 110k miles. I was steering him into an x3 since he wanted an uber black compatible car and due to weather conditions itll be decent in snow with xdrive. He ended up getting a VW tiguan r-line, but when he went to register it with uber and all that they told him the car had to be fully his and no leins on the title. Which is weird because i know toyota finances you and registers you at the dealer ready to go with uber. I guess its stricter in nyc? Im assuming that didnt happen to you when you registered the honda after getting it from carmax? Unless you bought it cash of course.
First off, that driver should be terminated lol. Drivers cannot harass passengers. Did she sit up front with him or she stayed in the back and really didn’t care? I actually get concerned whenever a female passenger is flirting with me as I’m thinking it’s a ‘tarp’. Am I being set up by Uber/Lyft? I remember my first week doing this full time I had a girl sit up front and seemed really into me, even though I told her I was married. She seemed bent outta shape when I was dropping her off lol. Maybe I didn’t ask for her number? Who knows.

Uber/Lyft drivers make so much more in the Tri-State area it’s ridiculous. Down here, the car doesn’t have to be registered in your name, however, you have to be on the insurance and you don’t have to own the vehicle outright (liens are allowed and yes I’m making payments). However, having Uber Black has more restrictions so that could be why your father hit a wall.
Lol she ended up sitting upfront with him...i felt like she had no choice but to talk to him i felt bad for her..he was calling her sweetie and beautiful the whole ride..i kid you not he changed the music from uban spanish to some smooth jazz when she was with us and then back to spanish when she left..guy was a clown.

Ah maybe thats why! In some areas you have to register with the taxi limo commision..but if youre out further from the city you dont...its all about them making money i guess.