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Originally Posted by Bt12 View Post
Is it sad Iíve taken an uber once?
No but use my Lyft code CJ6902 for a $10 credit!

Originally Posted by Needbmwpartzz View Post
What was your worst fare and why?
Also do you enjoy driving for these companies?
Picked up an older fellow who selected Lyft Line. Two seconds later I received another request and mentioned that I have to pick up another passenger a block away. Old Man Warner wasnít having it. Telling me I shouldnít let the other passenger in the car and to just take him home. I calmly explained to him that he selected Lyft Line which means thereís a chance you will have share rides/car pool and he still refused to be cooperative. Knowing this wasnít goin to end well he wanted me to cancel his ride as he had no clue how to do it so I did. Then he throws a fit as to why I canceled? Even the other passenger couldnít believe Old Man Warner. He was irate so I told him to request another Lyft, no Line and heíll be good to go. Because his ride was cancelled I did receive the $5 fee, however, it was such a hassle.

I enjoy driving for them, however, they need to reward drivers that have a higher than normal rating.

Originally Posted by allinon72 View Post
Hopefully you are considering the taxes associated with being a 1099 employee.
Correct, as well as every receipt (gas, Civic, food expenses, etc...) that Iíll be writing off.

Originally Posted by lebreeze View Post
Why would I care what my uber (passenger)rating is?
Does it really matter?
I picked up a passenger a few weeks ago with a 4.5 and I was concerned. Is he a dick? Does he smell? Turns out we had great convos and he tipped well. Some drivers are assholes.

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Do you ever gas them out after burritos?
With or without hot sauce?
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