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Originally Posted by Jim B View Post
The M4 Gran Coupe should have been included in this poll. Were it available, I might have well ordered it instead of my M4 coupe which is now on the Pacific and due in Port Hueneme next Wednesday. I've always liked hatchbacks for their practicality. An M3 wagon would have been good as well.
The poll was created before it was known that the 4 Series Gran Coupe would also be a hatchback.

And anyway, even with the hatchback, the GC can't match the other two in terms of practicality due to it having neither the two box design of the wagon nor the longer wheel base of the GT. It also lacks a proper three passenger rear seat. Not that I am saying the GC isn't a great form factor for what it is intended to be.

It shouldn't be long before we see a custom/home-brew F81 and, for that matter, a custom F84. We might even see a custom M4 GC too (can't call it an F86 since that's an X6 M).
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