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Originally Posted by DOUT View Post
Remember, the E46 also had a power dome and I really think neither E9X nor the E46 needed one in order to fit the engine. It was mostly a styling tweak to give the car "M Exclusivity."
I believe the F30/F80 M3 will have the power dome alongside the carbon roof option and M specific side mirrors.
Only time will tell though!
Regarding to the origin of the power dome on the E9X M3...
I recall watching a DVD sent by BMW when I bought the E92, it was stating that the motor engineers went to the design team and asked them if it is possible to increase the height of hood so they can give the S65B40A engine more torque. Based on that request, the designers added the power dome.

I don't know any background info regarding to the dome on my E46..

It would be nice to see a dome on the 5th gen M3's hood...
However, considering the E30 and E36 didn't have the dome and the E46 and E9X has it.
It is hard to tell if the 5th gen will have it or not... Especially since it appears that the 5th gen does not need a power dome to facilitate its engine, unlike the E9X model...