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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
It will be interresting to see how it pans out here in Canada where the price of the M5 dropped by $10 000 going from the E60 to the F10. A loaded M3 goes for $85-90k where the M5 starts at $105k. Any big increase on the M3 will put it in M5 territory.
I certainly hear you, but for me at least, pricing isn't the determining factor between choosing between the F10 M5 and F80. I want the lighter and better handling car, especially since the interior and trunk space on the F30 make it a more practical 3 than ever before. With the more extensive changes the M3 receives compared to the M5, I think it is the better value car even when priced closely. Now, none of this means I don't still like the M5s, it's a wonderful car and it's the choice if you have growing kids. I'm just disappointed with the weight gain E60-F10.