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With the Audi RS5 and C63 AMG coupe being prime competitors, I feel that the M4 would be priced similarly (option for option). The RS5 with carbon ceramic front brakes and almost all options is priced at 87,520. The RS5 cabriolet with similar options is at 96,000. The C63 AMG coupe is at 89,000 with all of the options. That would put the M4 around 85K with similar content. Carbon ceramic brakes would definitely raise the price even higher seeing what they are listed on BMW's website for the M6 ($9250). Granted these are heavily optioned vehicles (for comparison) and all three companies are fighting for market share, so I know the pricing strategy will take this into account. I didn't look at base prices as I was trying to see how expensive it could get in this category of vehicles.