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VAG has been doing this for a while now, known as Sound Symposer on Porsche and Soundaktor on VW. Not sure what they're calling the Audi version.
I test drove the S4 in 2012 and actually liked the enhanced sound. The perk with their version is you can toggle it off (independent of other performance settings) in Drive Select. With cabins so muted now as well as the use of the devil, (FI ) without some development for noise enhancement, the engine not is going to be heard. Sure some say "take out all the sound deadening!" But the vast majority (myself included) get tired of vocal wind noise, tire/pavement slap, and traffic noises. When was the last time you rode in an econobox Honda? You hear EVERYTHING in the interior. So loud.

BMW definitely needs to have an off option for this though but hardly anyone would use it because you won't hardly hear the engine if you turn it off. Yes this is speculation but I'm sure it is true. Now the point about hi fi audio being forced to have engine noises going through the speakers at the same time as your favorite song, that actually does concern me. I'm guessing it won't significantly alter audio output because the engine volume will be low and fixed but we'll have to see about the actual outcome.

Really though I am quite pleased it will at least be the actual live engine sound and not the goofiness they put in the M5 and this is not something that turns me off from the F80/82. It will be interesting to find out how they're mic'ing the sound. I highly doubt any of it will come from exhaust noises.