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Originally Posted by BMW M3 CRT View Post
Sorry ... but you can vote like you want, but the only car what make economical sence as second M3 is the F84 M3GT !?
Simply because it shares the same LWB chassis with the probably comming F86 M4GC ... the F81M3 needs an comlete new M developed (and produced) rear axis and this is much more costly than simply adapting the M4 GC for the M3 GT !!!

So if an F86 M4 GranCoupe is comming than the F84 M3 GT is simply the logical and realistic counterpart ... if the BMW AG would have the will to spend the money to develop and produce an F81M3 Touring than the M3/M4 would have get first an other engine ... either an 3.0ltr.V6TT, an 4.0ltr.V8TT - both based on the S63Tü or an modified S65 4.0ltr.V8 HDZ.
Yeah... but the F31 shares the same basic chassis as the F30, F31, and F32 (in the same way the 4er GC and 3er GT share the same chassis). Therefore it would be even cheaper to use the F31 because the standard chassis already has such a vast economy of scale. The LWB chassis is only used on the LWB China only 3er, 4er GC, 3er GT. Furthermore, it is not 100% clear that there will be a M4 GC.

Basically, look at this way, the F34 would require a lot more engineering work than the F31.