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I bought my first M3 at age 24. It was a 2004 coupe, since (obviously) there was no 4-door equivalent in e46.

In the 9 years of ownership, I also owned a 99 M3/4/5. It was a marvelous car.

Simply put, I always preferred 4-door M3's over coupes. If the e46 M3 were made with 4 doors, I would absolutely own that and not the coupe.

Luckily, IMO the e46 M3 was the second best looking M3 coupe ever built. Yes, I am absolutely biased. The best looking M3 coupe was the e30 M3. For its time, it was impeccable.

The e9x line I didn't like as a whole, so I never considered either the coupe or sedan.

However, when I buy the new F8x, without a question and even the slightest doubt it will be the M3 sedan. To me, it looks far more aggressive than the M4. IMO the M4 has too much empty space in the 1/4 panel area and not enough angularity. The e46 M3 filled this area nicely with "bulginess", which the M4 lacks. There's more to this than just excessively flared fenders. Hard to explain, I suppose.

But to each his own. Everyone has a reason for getting a coupe or a sedan.

Personally (looks aside), I won't use the rear doors very often. But I like knowing that I can. I'm sick and tired of folding seats whenever the need to cram someone or something in the rear arises.

Over the years my view on coupes with rear seats has evolved to a point where I despise them. And yes, I do drive one.

If it's gonna seat 4, give me 4 damn doors. If it's gonna seat only 2, give me a coupe. There's no point in pretending that my coupe doesn't fit 4, comfortably. So by not having an extra set of doors when offered, I'd feel ripped off.

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