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Originally Posted by zvvbmw View Post
Any future M3/M4 CSL model ?! A track monster to give porsche, mercedes and jaguar a run for their money...
I was a bit disappointed with the E92 M3 CSL model when it was put against porsche gt3 and the Merc Black Series...sure, the M3 was a precise tool when going trough corners but it obviously lacked power.

Seeing the specs on the future M3/M4 i have to say if BMW can take them somewhere around 500-530hp with some weight shaved, rollcage and track oriented suspension...heads will roll...
Maybe a M4 CSL, but never a M3 CSL again, thats for sure.

A far shot, but was kinda hoping that they would save CSL badge for a future M2. Lot of ifs, but one can have dreams