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Hey guys! I have had the BM3 for a couple thousand miles now and it's been incredible. I had the chance to do a dyno day today and it made decent power! I am extremely satisfied with the results and it made about what I was expecting from the butt dyno. It made 486/497 consistently over three runs. Mods are BM3 stage 1 93 octane tune, Injen intakes, and MPE. Next mods will be charge pipes, down pipes, and E85. If anybody is on the fence about this tune, don't be. There isn't a better product, more reliable customer service, or easier experience out there.

Edit: I've had a couple people ask me about the pull itself. If you want to see it, it is on my instagram @Thomas_F80

Edit 2: As openflash pointed out, the graph may be slightly wrong. If I can find a better dyno and operator I will run it again and see if I can get a more accurate reading. There may be a difference in 15-20 or so whpbut torque should remain the same. Aside from that, the car is brutally fast but still easy to control. 295 PS4S on the back and when they're hot (100 degrees) it hooks up beautifully in second and RIPS!
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