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Originally Posted by CT View Post
Looks to me that they're describing a system in which all cylinders of each bank feed a single turbo. This turbo then feeds either A) output or B) a second turbo, depending on a (probably) ECU-actuated valve. So, hypothetically, you have a small turbo quickly spooling at the low-end. Then, at near-max spool, feeding a larger turbo. So rather than always feeding one turbo into the other, you bypass one for low-end torque and avoid lag.

Ref leaders 6, 7, 8, 9 - bypass the secondary turbo and 19, 20 - input from primary turbo into secondary turbo.

But that's just a bored engineer's lunch-break guess, don't sue me
this is how i see it as well.

as we speculate they are likely patenting the bypass/transition system rather than the sequential layout, which leads me to believe they may be on to something more radical that'll be harder for others to implement without the potential patented bypass/transition system.

its a stretch but couldn't they implement the rumored tri-turbo set up this way if they have a very efficient bypass/transition system? like CT said above, but instead of one primary turbo they use tiny twin turbos? it would be set up in the v like the s63 with the bigger turbo just behind them. i'm not an engineer so i dont know how practical it is vs a dual sequential.

but im not going to be surprised one bit if bmw moves to v6's for applications requiring higher power output.


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