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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
The S55 seems very similar to the N63 in terms of power and characteristics. Will this be the 550, X5/X6 50i,750 engine in the future?

( S55 rpm estimates from dyno and tach. )
N63: 4,395*cc, 402*hp @5500-6400, 440*lb·ft@1750-4500, 7000 rpm redline
S55: 3,000 cc, 430 hp @6000-7000, ~400 lb·ft@2000-5500, 7500 rpm redline

I would think dyno charts from both engines will look very similar with a slight shift of the curves to higher rpms for the S55
There is an not too small possibility that what you says, could be the case. The S55 is an complete new engine layout compared with the N55 ... BUT shares a lot technical engineblock facts with the N63 and the N74 and since BMW says in the published facts about the new S55 engine nothing about an complete new engine block, there is an great possibility that the S55 could be based on an half N74 like mkoesel says in the "engine undersquare" thread.
AND therefor it would make much sence if this block would be used for an new AG I6 which could replace the N63 in parts of the BMW porduct range. Sure not so refined as the M-Engine, probably with lower rpm an only one TwinScroll-Turbo and instead an greater displacement.
Then you would get two "Motorenbaukästen", one for the smaller car based on the B37/B38 an ine for the bigger cars based on the new block.

And until now no one has really confirmed the layout of the all new B58 I6!
Only B38 and B48 are official confirmed as new BMW engines.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Not the only engine if this new N63 level I6 replace the V8s. Maybe the 7 gets a hybrid to complement this six and no I4. Lots of options
There are rumors in germany that BMW could in the future limit the cars til the 3-series to 4-cylinder engines incl. the 335i, and the 5-series to 6-cylinder engines incl. the 550i ... an step back in the history of BMW, where the biggest engines were big displacement I6s. This all market as an downsizing move to smaller (and cheaper to produce!) engines. The turbo technology would make such things possible!

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I meen.

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