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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Ezio mentioned the driving experience of a Ferrari vs a 335i... Hardly any cross plane vs flat plane comparison...

No one said the S65 is "one of the most exotic engines in the history of mankind". Just as a 458 engine isn't either. Made in to high numbers to be that exotic and exclusive...

But since you mock the "exoticness" of the S65. What is it that makes a contemporary Ferrari V8 engine that much more exotic in your opinion?
As I read it and forgive me, Ezio put the M3 V8 in the same league as a Ferrari V8 more or less.
He said:"there is nothing like taking a high revving motor with a exhaust through the gears while listening to the engine just scream. ever driven a Ferrari before ?"

If that's the case-and I drove an E90 M3 for 2 years- my dream of owning a Ferrari 458 has fallen to pieces if it's more or less the same experience/exoticness as driving the E90 M3.

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