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Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
Really? So the BMW aftermarket tuner world only started when BMW started using FI? Interesting.
of course not.

its just seems like everyone is now "tune happy" when talking about the M4. i am on the E92 m3 section of this forum. while people tune and mod there m3s. it was never the selling point of the car. nor when the e92 came out. people were not talking about tuning. same with E46.

its just different now.

(putting aside looks )
like if someone asked you whats better on the F80 over the E90. you would say its faster and you can gain a lot of power with a tune.

if you were to compared E46. you would say you get a highER revving motor with more power stock. no tune talking.

BMW is becoming a tuner brand more than ever. like people here would be upset if there was no room to gain power with a tune..... thats something a E92 or E46 owner never say. because the cars are not tuner cars... nor gain a lot with just a tune.
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