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To me it seems that a lot of manufacturers reverse engineered the S65 and took lessons learned from that exercise and put them into their latest offerings GM, Ford, Ferrari and Audi included. I'm sure MB was taking notes as well. As much as we wished for an updated version of the S65, I am sure BMW will bring it back if they have to in some form or another.

Now that BMW pwned that V8 area, they are doing so with the S55 because they can. After reading the technical guides on the N54, N55, N63 and S65 I see a lot of trade craft in different areas but I still believe there is room left for improvement on the S55. Although BMW is known for its engines, I see more emphasis in the structure of the car. Now I can the see the next M2?/M3/M4 really raping the competition. And hopefully they come with A52, A73, S34 and a hood line that doesn't make people say the same thing like a broken record.

I think the S65 was developed around the DCT and that mdiff and the S55 has been developed around the ZF 6MT with the F10M derived diff

I'd like to see both an equivalent S55 and S65 do a pikes peak run in both DCT and 6MT and see which version comes out on top.

I'd take both but admit I like the S65 more. It just looks better under the hood and doesn't have all the issues that come from DI.
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