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Originally Posted by I am Earl
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No, I choose to own cars with engines that make enough power that I find them amusing. 420 crank hp at eye-watering RPM and <300 ft/lbs doesn't cut it for me. I like torque, and turbos, which has been the only part the M3 has been missing for me until now (and why I have chosen to keep a modded 335 for my street daily driver).

Swamp, the S65 is weak relative to other M motors BMW has produced, and the N54 as well. The S54 and N54 have been proven to make 700+ whp reliably. A 600 whp S65 appears to be a time bomb. Yes, I see them...but I also see them blow up. A 700 whp stock S65 would maybe last for a single pull. There has yet to be a single engine failure with a a single turbo powered N54 over 600 whp and obviously the E46 M3s are well documented in their power-making abilities.

You S65 guys might as well start getting it out of your systems, but the F8X M3 is going to decimate any performance records the E9X chassis M3 has set, just like the E46 and E36 platforms did as well. Mark my words. An inline 6 architecture with an overbuilt engine and drivetrain is the perfect platform for making as much power as you want. I'm bookmarking this thread so I can use it for crow-eating purposes down the road
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